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Joint Supplements Review

People of all ages and activity levels suffer from joint pain. Arthritis is the most common culprit, which can strike at any age. Athletes are another group that is particularly susceptible to joint pain and inflammation. Proper nutrition and exercise techniques can help alleviate many of the symptoms of joint pain. The most popular and effective joint supplements typically contain ingredients that can both promote stronger joints and joint repair, as well as help with pain and inflammation.

It has been observed that 2/3 individuals are afflicted with joint pain in the US alone. This joint pain ranges from the temporary joint immobility and stiffness to the chronic rheumatoid arthritis....(Contd.,)

The following are the top rated products, based on staff and consumer comparison of 12 non-prescription products for joint support. Products are rated on guarantee (if any), pricing, ingredients, and user-reported results.

5 star review
1st Rank Synotrex

The #1 rating went to Synotrex. Its blend of patented ingredients, with natural COX-2 inhibitors and multiple joint support and anti-inflammatory ingredients made it the top choice for most kinds of joint pain. Synotrex is the only product with a 90 Day Guarantee, and the customer support and results were among the best.

$27.90 for 1 months supply.
5 star review
2nd Rank Exomine

Exomine contains many of the same ingredients as the #1 product, including collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and MSM. It is currently only available online. Exomine is a relatively new product, with fast shipping and good results.

$34.95 for 1 month supply.
4 star review
3rd Rank Phosoplex

Phosoplex contains glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as collagen. It lacks the natural COX-2 inhibitors of some of the top products, and uses Glucosamine sulphate salt rather than pure glucosamine sulphate, which can take longer for the body to absorb in sufficient quantities for proper joint repair.

$49.99 for 1 month supply.
3 star review
4th Rank Eazol

Eazol purports to contain natural analgesics that act as pain relievers. Very little data is available on this product, which does contain glucosamine and chondroitin. Eazol is not recommended for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

$59.95 for 1 month supply.
Overall Comparison
  Synotrex Exomine Phosoplex Eazol
 Satisfaction % 92% 85% 83% 70%
 Price (per mon): $27.90 $35.95 $49.99 $59.95
 Reputation: Great Great Good Fair
 Support: Great OK Excellent OK
 Guarantee: 90-days 180-days 30-days none
  Synotrex Exomine Phosoplex Eazol
 Total Score: 93 pts 87 pts 81 pts 72 pts